05 September 2019

Sacred Fools Season Launch, and the cast of Waiting for Waiting for Godot!

I can sum up most of my beliefs with a good acronym.

Introducing the cast of
 opening 8 November
in the Broadwater Second Stage!


Bruno Oliver as Ester
Joe Hernandez-Kolski as Val
Julie Marchiano as Laura


Steve N. Bradford as Ester
Zach Smith as Val
Marian Gonzalez as Laura

This will be the second full production I've directed for Sacred Fools (following Rose and the Rime in 2017), and it's no exaggeration to say that this scrappy, volunteer theatre company has made my directing career possible.

I'm so grateful, and I'm asking for your support as Sacred Fools launches its 23rd Season.

The BEST way you can support me and our production of Waiting for Waiting for Godot is by coming to the Season Launch Party on September 13th!  We Fools always throw a great party.  Just $10 gets you in the door, with drinks, games, and entertainment available all night.  I'll be working at the Plunge:  Come say Hi!
Attend the Season Launch Party >

If you can't make it on the 13th, a donation of any amount will support not just me and my show, but every artist involved in our season.  As a reminder, Sacred Fools is committing once again to offering every seat we sell for NO MORE THAN $15.  Your support helps us keep new, innovative theatre accessible to all income levels.  Thank you.
Donate to our 23rd Season >

As always, catch me at The Broadwater Plunge Wednesday through Saturday night!
I hope you're staying cool!

 - j

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