20 November 2019

inspired... brilliant... genius at work... a must see...

Doesn't seem so absurd to me...

Waiting for Waiting for Godot returns this Friday and Saturday at 8pm, and the early reviews are raves across the board!  I'll be hanging out at the Plunge after the show Friday if you want to say Hi!

If those are tough times, we still have two Sunday shows coming up:  Dec 1st and 8th at 5pm.  Come soon!

The Broadwater Second Stage
6320 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90038


Bruno Oliver as Ester and Joe Hernandez-Kolski as Val, photo by Jessica Sherman

"This production is blessed with two extraordinary comedic actors... under the inspired direction of Jacob Sidney..."

"It would take pages to describe the show's inspired physical comedy... "

"There is genius at work here."

- Paul Myrvold's TheatreNotes


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Julie Marchiano as Laura, photo by Jessica Sherman

"Banter and hijinx prevail without a hitch... "

"We are taken to school by the intrusion of ASM (assistant stage manager) Laura... "


"Director Jacob Sidney has this essentially two hander well under control as it bustles apace."

"WFWFGodot is a must see."

- On Stage Los Angeles

I've got a slightly new schedule at The Broadwater Plunge!  Catch me Wed-Thu-Fri and SUNday nights...

I hope you're staying dry!

 - j

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