01 March 2018

Singing in Monrovia, mousing around the OC, and new video!

Always hope for a good schooner, a good wind, and good fortune!
- Stuart Little

Click the poster for tickets to this Saturday's SGVCC concert!
Below, enjoy video of the solo I sang for them in December, supported by our awesome alto section leader Diana Woolner.

Above you can watch a bit of my guest appearance in Tony Foster's juggernaut Come Back in Serial Killers at Sacred Fools.  It was great fun to jump back into some sketch comedy for a night!

Next week I start a school tour with Laguna Playhouse, playing Stuart Little!  Finally something my 5-year-old can see!  No public performances, but look forward to pictures of my enormous ears, coming soon!

We're hoping for some big announcements for Daddy Drinks in the coming months!  If you already love the book, please add your review on Amazon, it helps us out a lot!  If you haven't shared it with your favorite dad, what are you waiting for?!?
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