24 June 2017

Daddy Drinks is published! Perfect for Dad at the baby shower!

I am a published author!  For realsies!
Daddy Drinks was officially released this last Tuesday, and is now available with Amazon Prime shipping!  Hop on it, and enjoy the magic the way our first reviewer does:


I'm directing David Jacobi's brilliant READY STEADY YETI GO in the upcoming Circle X Reading Series at Atwater Village Theatre!  Our public performance comes July 8th at Noon.  Keep an eye on
Circle X for details!


I got another track, the
Offertorium (Hostias) from SGVCC's Fauré Requiem in March! Give a listen. It was super hard to sing, but so rewarding, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.  My solo comes in around 2:45.

Our final concert of the season is Route 66, Saturday 24 June at 7pm, with silent auction and refreshments at 6! 

Have a wonderful summer!

Come see me at
Three Clubs for a Piña Colada!

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