11 October 2013

a new trailer, and a little directing...

new trailer,
and a little directing...

The Loft debuts at Serial Killers!

After an extended absence (can't quite remember why), I'm once again directing in everyone's favorite elimination late-night series at Sacred Fools.  Get your holiday creep-out on with Crystal Keith (Hey, I know her... ) in her SK writing premiere:

Welcome to the Loft...

When Henry and Ava move into their dream loft downtown, it's the beginning of the life they always wanted.  Will a secret long-buried take their happiness away?

There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long long ago...
Featuring Erin Matthews, Michael Mr. Kick-Ass Shables Dunn, Erin Anderson, KJ Middlebrooks, and Kellie Matteson, (and with a make-up assist from Mandi Moss!).

Do check it out if you're in town, won't you?

- jacob sidney

I'm honored to Assistant Direct for long-time friend, colleague, and busiest lady in LA Theatre Jessica Kubzansky as Wing on Wing returns.  This theatrical presentation centered on Esa-Pekka Salonen's composition explores the heart of artistic inspiration, as Frank Gehry sends young "Sal" to explore "Perilous and Imaginary Landscapes"
(... and mainly I get to hang out in Disney Hall, so... ).

Look!  WORM has a new trailer!

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