13 July 2017

One week from tonight, Daddy Drinks' first public event!

Ask not for whom Daddy Drinks...

Daddy Drinks in public!

With TV's Patrick Duffy, French Stewart, Henry Dittman,

and the rest of us!

Kidding aside, I'm thrilled Daddy Drinks' first reading and signing event will take place at my first neighborhood bookstore in Los Angeles:

Join us next Thursday, July 20th at 7pm as we read excerpts, sign copies, and answer questions.  To expedite the Q&A, we kindly request that you narrow your question down from a general "WTF?" while acknowledging the validity of said question.  An RSVP to the Facebook Event will help us know how many angry people will attempt to prevent us from leaving!

The great reviews keep coming!
"Finally! An unfiltered,  honest account of the traumatizingly hysterical journey of bringing newborn baby home."
"I couldn't put this book down... Yes, men do take care of children, and yes, they do so with love and flair. Kudos, drunk dads!"

"The humor, the wit, the candor... you can't put it down and you can't stop laughing."

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I was so happy with the reading of David Jacobi's Ready Steady Yeti Go at Circle X last Saturday!  I'm grateful to David, the company, the amazing cast, and the fantastic audience.  They have one more coming up Sunday evening, check it out!

Can I fix you a drink?  I made a handy calendar where you can check my upcoming shifts:

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