01 May 2017

Critics love Uncanny Valley at ICT!

"Why have I been created? What is my purpose?"


"EXTRAORDINARY, the type of theater ICT has always excelled at: Intelligent, intriguing, thought-provoking, exhilarating, and magnificently crafted."
— Eric Marchese, Orange County Register

"THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINING… something you have to see to experience, and International City Theatre's production did this imaginative show justice… outstanding talent"
— George Brietigam, Broadway World

"FAST-PACED, FUNNY AND TOUCHING… [a] smart script, a first class cast, and a handsome production"
— Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

"WE ARE RIVETED… an astounding play that compels us to ask deep questions about ourselves and where we're headed… a terrific script by Thomas Gibbons, meticulous direction by caryn desai, and powerfully comprehensive performances by Jacob Sidney and Susan Denaker."
— Imaan Jalali, LA Excites

Jacob Sidney as non-biological human Julian...

"Sidney paints the fully evolved Julian as an almost theatrically flashy sharpster – witty, yes, but someone whose quick thinking is almost terrifying... Sidney masterfully shows Julian's astonishingly rapid growth and evolution from a newly conscious being to a perpetually curious student eager to soak up knowledge and understanding and, finally, so far past any point imagined or projected by his creators as to boggle the mind – and chill the blood."
— Eric Marchese

"Jacob Sidney embodied the artificially intelligent robot, Julian, with surprising ease. He gradually brought the soul out of his soulless character, and quickly made Julian into a very lovable Sheldon Cooper-esque robot."
— George Brietigam

"Jacob Sidney makes a terrific robot that evolves with great subtlety. It is a fine-grained, detailed, nuanced performance."
— Paul Myrvold

Uncanny Valley photos by Stephen Georges
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