02 July 2012

The Government Inspector

A Co-Production with
Furious Theatre Company
July 28 - August 26, 2012

A World Premiere Adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's 
The Inspector General

Original adaptation by Oded Gross
Directed by Stefan Novinski

The corrupt, self-seeking officials of a small town in Tzarist Russia mistake a penniless clerk for a Government Inspector, and chaos, recrimination, and retribution ensue. This classic satire on human vanity and the corruption of elected officials is more relevant today than ever. Re-envisioned as a cutting, tragic farce with influences from Monty Python and Brazil, this painful, hilarious investigation of people’s characters gone to seed makes for hysterical comedy with a good dose of soul. 

Featuring: John Billingsley, Alan Brooks, Joe Fria, Megan Goodchild, Sara Hennessy, Shannon Holt, Adam Haas Hunter, Dana Kelly, Jacob Sidney and Eileen T'Kaye.

Production Stage Manager: Kevin Shewey
Set Designer: Donna Marquet
Lighting Designer: Steven Young
Sound Designer: John Ballinger
Casting Director: Raul Staggs