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20 September 2014

The LA Times raves for the Behavior of Broadus!

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the LA Times says...

"Controversial psychology and show-biz moxie commingle in "The Behavior of Broadus," with triumphant results."

"As delightfully self-assured as it is comically self-referential... "

"... a wickedly entertaining watershed for Sacred Fools Theater Company, the Burglars of HammCenter Theatre Group and the general theatrical landscape."

"... a bluegrass Dada cabaret in a shimmering petri dish."

"... rapt, silly-smart invention, played to the hilt and beyond by a fantastic ensemble."

"unswerving panache"

"The improbably cohesive net effect feels suspiciously like a groundbreaking new musical."

"reserve tickets immediately"

Plus we're PICK OF THE WEEK from Stage Raw!

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Fridays & Saturdays 8p
Sunday Matinees 3p


Friday, September 19 (Tonight!): DONATE WHAT YOU CAN. It's "Pay What You Can" with a twist! Half of all proceeds for this performance will be donated to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Call (310) 281-8337 to make a reservation.

Friday, September 26th:  REUNIONS NIGHT AT SACRED FOOLS!  Were you a part of Savin' Up for Saturday Night, >>>DUBYA 2004<<<, The Adding Machine, or Burning Chrome?  We would like to offer you the company member ticket price of $5!  Call (310) 281-8337 to make a reservation.  More details at the FB Event...

Sunday, September 28: TALKBACK with Burglars of Hamm and T'ai Hartley, grandson of John Broadus Watson. 

Sunday, October 12:  I PLAY JOHN BROADUS WATSON.  The great Hugo Armstrong created the role, and performs it like a force of nature.  I'm honored to attempt to fill his considerable shoes!  Just sayin', you might want to see this one twice...

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