18 June 2019

Waiting for Waiting for Godot, and a summer concert...

I want you to listen to me very carefully...
I have no idea what you're talking about.

I'm directing Dave Hanson's WAITING FOR WAITING FOR GODOT in Sacred Fools' upcoming season, opening in November!

From the press release...
Ester and Val are understudies for a production of Waiting for Godot. They are committed to art, and frustrated by anonymity. They understand their purpose, but not the reasons they stay. They accept their fate, but question each other's motives, all while waiting for "him" to appear...

A "gleefully absurd" (Time Out New York) backstage farce packed with profound insight, existential dread, and shameless punchlines, Waiting for Waiting for Godot is the Beckett companion you didn't know you needed. Directed by Jacob Sidney (Rose and the Rime), this show will be performed in the Broadwater Second Stage.

Come hear me sing with the wonderful voices of SGVCC!  No reservations required, come on down and get tickets at the door!
Here's "Soliloquy" from last year's summer concert!

The Broadwater Fringe has been a crazy blast during the Hollywood Plunge Festival, and we're all handling it just fine :)

Come join the fun before July 1st!

 - j

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03 June 2019

Luck be a Lady, and new cocktails for Fringe!

Fools give you reasons...

Saturday 29 June my choir is doing some wonderful arrangements from great musicals on film!  I'd forgotten how beautiful the choral medleys from South Pacific and The King and I are... really musical, interesting settings that stand up as compositions on their own, well beyond a simple run-down of tunes... Plus the heartbreaking West Side Story and a few lesser-known gems...

I'll be singing Luck be a Lady from Guys and Dolls!  Love me some Brando, but it wasn't his best moment ;)

Here's "Soliloquy" from last year's summer concert!

Over to the Plunge we're hard at work gearing up for the Hollywood Fringe Festival!  Previews start this Thursday, and we're celebrating with the launch of our new menu honoring Sacred Fools' Fringe shows from the past.  During Fringe we're open at 4pm weekdays and 10am(!) weekends!  You can usually find me Wed-Sat nights, plus I'm opening this Saturday June 1st:  Come join me for a Bloody Mary!

Some exciting news about Sacred Fools' upcoming season is coming soon, stay tuned!  - j

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12 February 2019

A free reading this Sunday at Sacred Fools...

Here you are.  Fully charged.  You.

What happens when the powers of machines exceed those of nature? At what point will A.I. resemble humans enough to deserve human rights? Absurdly comic and existentially chilling, U-R-U examines the societal obsession with progress at all costs and the decreasing worth of humanity in this increasingly artificial world.
SFNW Reservations

This Sunday at 5pm I'm directing the final installment of SFNW:  the very first Sacred Fools New Works Reading Series!

January 25th, 1921 saw the world premiere of R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), a science-fiction play by the Czech writer Karel Čapek, and the work that gifted the word "robot" to the lexicon.

Approaching the 100th Anniversary of R.U.R., Julia Lederer's U-R-U brings a modern perspective to the rise of robots as the planet's dominant life-form.  Spoiler alert:  it's hilarious!

Reserve your free tickets now at bitly.com/SFNW2019, and join us at the Plunge after for drinks and conversation about the end of humanity!

U-R-U features Aviva Pressman, Tracey Leigh, Tim Kopacz, Emily Kosloski, Emily Goss, Peter James Smith, Carrie Keranen, Leigh Wulff, and Bruno Oliver

Julia Lederer is a writer from Toronto. Her plays have been performed across North America, from Los Angeles to Toronto, to New York, Chicago, Boise, and Alaska. Her work includes the internationally acclaimed WITH LOVE AND A MAJOR ORGAN (Boise Contemporary Theatre; Strawdog Theatre; part of The Theatre @ Boston Court's Polly Warfield Award-Winning Season with 4 Los Angeles Drama Critic's Circle Nominations including "Best Production" and 5 Stage Raw Nominations), REALITY THEATRE (SummerWorks Performance Festival), FRAME (Seven Collective; Alumnae Theatre), and recent workshop productions of U-R-U at Occidental College in LA and Humber College in Toronto. 

WITH LOVE AND A MAJOR ORGAN is published by J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing and is currently being developed into a feature film. Other FILM/TV work includes UPSTAGED (Great Lake Films, streaming on HighBall TV), EAT YOUR HEART OUT (Elevated Film's Audience Choice Award), and SPOONING (upcoming 2019 Cinequest Film Festival Premier). Julia recently worked on the 4th season of KIM'S CONVENIENCE, as part of the CBC's emerging writers' room. 
A few years ago I had the great pleasure of being part of the World Premiere of the Behavior of Broadus by Burglars of Hamm.  Next month the San Gabriel Valley Choral Company celebrates Living Composers in our Spring concert, and I can't wait to revisit one of Broadus' original songs by the Burglars and Brendan Milburn!  Save the evening of March 16th at St. Luke's Episcopal in Monrovia!  

I hope the polar vortex isn't freezing your spirits!  - j

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