09 July 2020

Waiting for Waiting for Godot AGAIN! ⏳

Dispatch from Oran...

Hey... Been awhile, what's uh... happening?


Things are a mess... Stephen Sondheim's PASSION (which would have been my first Equity contract in Los Angeles) was supposed to open at the Boston Court the weekend California shut down, but has now been postponed indefinitely... There hasn't been a lot to announce in the worlds of professional stage acting and cocktail making, and there's no telling when, or even if, that might change... sigh...

But I do have a couple things to share, including what's shaping up to be a fun video reading next week... If you have interest in my daily life you can follow my food, drink, and home sheltering at instagram.com/hamletmax... If you want to know how I feel about the political world, with a side of Seattle sports, find me at twitter.com/hamletmax...

In the meantime I hope you and yours are healthy and well... Statistically, someone on this list has either lost a loved one to this pandemic or they are suffering the ongoing ravaging of this horrendous virus:  I'm so sorry... We all deserve better... You're in my prayers...

Take care, and love one another...

- Jake

The Sacred Fools Reprise series of video readings begins tonight at 5pm PST!  Click the photo for details on how to catch Madhuri Shekhar's ANTIGONE, PRESENTED BY THE GIRLS OF ST. CATHERINE'S...

And stay tuned for details on Dave Hanson's WAITING FOR WAITING FOR GODOT next Thursday 7/16 (also 5pm)... Above is a screen cap from Joe H-K in our rehearsal last night, which was really fun!  It will be a joy to revisit the production the LA Times called "...witty... raw and revealing... an acid-etched valentine to actors, those intrepid aspirants who forgo an easy path for the strenuous and oft thankless service of art." -F. Kathleen Foley

I made a press-kit-self-tape-hybrid demo of my turn as non-biological human Julian Barber in Thomas Gibbons' UNCANNY VALLEY at ICT Long Beach:  a "tour-de-force," according to the LA Times... Love to hear what you think!
I continue to mourn the loss of PASSION... Here's a sample I made in case I forget how to sing... I did get to break out my grandfather's WWII Naval Officer's ceremonial dress blues, so that was fun... My desk is a lot cleaner now, so that's something :)

25 February 2020

PASSION tickets on sale, IG takeover, and SFNW2020!

I sing to lighten the impact of your heavy cooking!

photo by Jessica Sherman

I'm in PASSION at the Boston Court, opening March 14th!
It's hard to describe how excited I am, so here are some highlights:

- Returning to the Boston Court for the first time since 2012, when my daughter was born mid-run and I somehow didn't miss a performance of The Government Inspector

- Reuniting with director Michael Michetti, who cast me in my first play in Los Angeles

- Getting to play once again with the great Ted Barton, the Boss in Of Mice and Men

- Learning intense choreo on the BC stage with Mark Doerr, my castmate from The Treatment

- Playing a frustrated opera singer (a stretch, I know)

- Singing an intimate musical arranged without body mics, a thrill to someone who learned to sing before ubiquitous amplification

- Diving into my first (?!) Sondheim production, in arguably his most operatic work, full of achingly beautiful music

Rehearsal in progress... you won't believe the intricacy of this production!
Get your tickets now!

If full-price doesn't work for you right now, check Today Tix and/or come to a Preview starting March 5th!

SFNW2020 is underway! 

We kicked off last night with Audrey Cefaly's gracefully wrenching ALABASTER, and return next Monday with Holly Arsenault's near-future speculative fiction THE GREAT INCONVENIENCE.

Tickets and further details:  sacredfools.org/misc/newworks

L-R:  Kathy Bell Denton, Crystal Keith, Glenda Suggs, Jessica Sherman, Lisa Anne Nicolai

I'm taking a break from The Broadwater Plunge while working on PASSION, but look for me to start popping up again once the show opens!  Let me know when you're coming so I can come out and say Hi after! - j

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11 December 2019

Waiting for Waiting for Godot EXTENDS on raves from the LA Times and more!

What kind of people hang around waiting for a promise that doesn't come?

Waiting for Waiting for Godot EXTENDS through Sat 21 Dec, with rave reviews across the board!  I'll be hanging out at the Plunge after the show Friday if you want to say Hi!  Click a date for on-line tickets, just $15 for any show...

Friday 13 December, 8pm*
*Marian Gonzalez in for Julie Marchiano
Saturday 14 December, 8pm
Sunday 15 December, 5pm
Monday 16 December, 8pm

Thursday 19 December, 8pm
Friday 20 December, 8pm
Saturday 21 December, 8pm

Performing at:
The Broadwater Second Stage
6320 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90038

More info!
production photos by Jessica Sherman

Bruno Oliver as Ester

LA Times:

"a raw and revealing glimpse into the actor's existential dilemma...

careens, amusingly, between vaudevillian slapstick and metaphysical absurdism...

could have come straight out of an old Laurel and Hardy one-reeler...

an acid-etched valentine to... those intrepid aspirants who forgo an easy path for the strenuous and oft thankless service of art"

Julie Marchiano as Laura

Travis Michael Holder:

"With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Hanson gets it, his hilarious little gem of a play perfectly capturing any artist's age-old dilemma—and so do director Jacob Sidney and his exemplary pair of veteran physical comedians

a too-brief turn from Julie Marchiano as the boys' resident Mae Busch... particularly watchable looking on in amazement...

should be recognized as one of the best and most memorable things to play here in El Lay this year"
Joe Hernandez-Kolski as Val

Stage Raw:

"Full of stellar physical humor, entertaining wisecracking riffs, and philosophical discussions...

Physicality is where the play shines...  Steady overall direction (Jacob Sidney), particularly in fighting (Edgar Landa)...

Hernandez-Kolski is spot-on as the wide-eyed innocent... Oliver fully embodies the know-it-all doofus whose rationale stirs straight into insanity. Julie Marchiano... is the ultimate foil...
Me at the Plunge!  Photo by Marsha Reagan

The SoCal Review:

"Prior to viewing the show, I got a drink with a friend at The Broadwater Plunge next door.

Oliver and Hernandez-Kolski were wonderfully cast... Julie Marchiano played Laura the assistant stage manager so convincingly, with no-nonsense...

a fun, interesting evening at the theatre that gets to the heart of what it means to wake up every morning and need to create"

I've got a slightly new schedule at The Broadwater Plunge!  Catch me Wed-Thu-Fri and SUNday nights...

I hope you're staying warm!

 - j

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