22 August 2018

Happy Birthday to me!  The Plunge, Sherlock, and new video!


Today is my birthday!  Yay, me!

If you haven't planned your recognition yet, you're not too late :)
Come to my birthday party tomorrow night at The Broadwater Plunge!

click the pic for details and RSVP...

If you can't make it to the Plunge tomorrow I hope to see you there soon, 'cause in mid-September I head back to North Coast Rep to play Sherlock Holmes in Jeffrey Hatcher's Holmes & Watson!

I'm thrilled to return to NCR for another iconic role.  We open 10/17:  tickets are on sale now!
That's the full video of me singing Billy Bigelow's Soliloquy from Carousel earlier this year.  I'm excited to continue my work with SGVCC, Dr. Alexandra Grabarchuk, and Visiting Artistic Director Dr. David Rentz!

Speaking of choirs, my mom really did most of the work involved in me having a birthday in the first place, so check out her choir, Angel City Chorale, competing on America's Got Talent!  They're back in live competition September 11th; download the app and get ready to vote!

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23 May 2018

Carousel in concert, a new bar, and a new me!

You can have fun with a son, but you gotta be a father to a girl.
- Billy Bigelow

Click the poster above for tickets to SGVCC's spring concert! 

If you're not familiar with "Soliloquy," sung by Billy Bigelow at the end of Act 1 of Carousel, it's one of the great baritone solos of the 20th Century.  Bigelow is a carny, living hand-to-mouth as an entertainer until his wife gets pregnant.  "Soliloquy" is the process of him realizing he's about to be responsible for a baby.

So... it means a lot to me :), and I'm grateful to get to perform it in public for the first time at this event!  I hope you can make it.

Ps... We're raffling off two Disney passes at the concert, a $270 value could be yours for as little as $5!  To enter without attending, e-mail choralcompany@gmail.com.



The Broadwater Plunge opens VERY SOON WE PROMISE!

Come see me behind the bar during the Hollywood Fringe Festival,
(echo effect)

Follow us below for opening announcements and ongoing special events!
photo by Jessica Sherman



New headshot from Jessica Sherman

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